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Why The Mill is a perfect venue for small businesses who offer health and wellbeing services

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

We believe that it is important to offer much needed all-inclusive and high spec spaces for businesses to hire such as Massage, Beauty and Spa Treatments, Reiki, Counselling, Sport and Remedial Therapies and much more.

We consider choosing The Mill a smart and bold move for your business. While you might be weighing up the decision to hire out a space, we would like to set out the benefits of hiring a workspace as well as the benefits to hiring The Mill. We believe that once you can see the benefits you will see this is a wise decision.

Impress your clients

The Mill is a place to impress your clients and end users. We offer many inclusive facilities and equipment which is included in the rental price of the space. The building has also been recently renovated to a high standard aesthetically. So, your clients will be wowed when they enter the building and will be impressed to come to your place of business here at The Mill. First impressions count so why not set that first impression with The Mill in all its elegance and beauty.

Make the move from home working

When your business first started out you may have been conducting this from home or various venues. But now you are a growing business you might need a professional space to work from. This could help your business look and feel more professional. It will also offer you a space you can shut the door on and switch off when you leave to go back to your home life.

Distraction free zone

If you were previously working from home or remotely then you will know how easy it is to get distracted. You also end up blending home life and work life into one. When you hold your own separate workspace such as The Mill you can hold the hours you want and work without distractions. It also keeps your private life away from your clients so you are not mixing the two.

Networking Opportunities

Hiring a space at The Mill will also give you networking opportunities or cross selling of services. We are also aiming to build a community at The Mill so that business who operate from the centre can help each other and offer recommendations for other services operating from the building. These are opportunities you might not get working from home.

What could this mean for your business moving forward

  • Financial freedom for your business = less risk – renting a room ties up less capital than buying a space to work from. This then frees up your money to spend in other areas of your business development

  • Flexibility – you will be free to relocate to a different space or room at The Mill if your business changes size or focus on the future. We will always try to accommodate a change in room hire if you started to need more space. The Mill offers that flexibility so you can grow your business and not have to change location. We grow with you

  • Less maintenance – by renting a room at The Mill you may find that the responsibility for maintenance and repairs falls to us. So, you will be sure to have an operational space that is of high standard and always ready for use

Why is The Mill different?

Each roomhas been carefully refurbished with the end user in mind. We are remarkably close by to a busy town as well as other surrounding towns and villages. This means you can transfer your business from home, step into one of our rooms and start straight away.

We have 9 different rooms to hire which are fully equipped and finished to an extremely high standard. This ensures your clients will experience a touch of luxury which starts from the moment they walk in the main door.

The Mill is split into three distinct areas:

  • The ground floor provides services for, pregnant, baby or children classes for ease of access and safety

  • The first floor for any other treatments or classes as listed above

  • There will be a third area due to open in 2022 with full disabled access and facilities. If you are looking to grow your business and want to start off in a space, we have already available you can expand on this later next year as we grow

At The Mill we have an onsite car park for our customers. You can rest assured that your clients will be able to safely park upon arriving. This is also a bonus for hiring a space at The Mill as you not only get a fabulous space to work from, but your clients will be happy knowing they can park on arrival.

We have a fully staffed reception to greet your clients when entering the building, which gives a professional and welcoming vibe to your clients. Adding that extra spark of professionalism for your business.

As you can see, we have thought about everything here at The Mill so that you and your clients get a fabulous experience.

If you have any further questions about rooms we have at The Mill please contact us on the form below and a member of the team will be happy to help.

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