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The Magical Mayhem of Menopause

Menopause, meno from Greek mēn ‘month’ and pause from Greek pausein ‘to stop’ – depending on your age, this will either be of interest to you, or way off your radar.

I had my last period about 11 years ago now I never even considered the menopause. Being 42, I thought I was too young I assumed it was due to the stress of a break-up with my son’s father and all the accompanying changes. My periods never returned and although for some women this would be a relief, I missed my monthly bleed, that release. I needed to allow myself a time of grieving, because I really felt I was losing something, a deeply feminine part of me – something I’d never given much thought to before. I was moving out of the time of my life where my body had the potential to produce life; such a powerful thing and I took it for granted.

The menopause is the second time of a woman’s life where she enters “the tunnel of transition”. The first time is adolescence where she enters the tunnel as a girl and emerges the other end, changed forever, as a woman. What occurs in the tunnel can shape and mold future relationships. It’s a time where we begin to pull away from our parents, but conversely still need their support; it’s a push-pull, like winter giving way to spring, or summer to autumn. At first there are just a few signs that a change is on the way, those signs grow and grow until finally one season lets go and the other dances away.

In many countries and cultures rites of passage are still recognised and the older woman becomes mentor to the first time ‘tunnellers’; a new role with purpose and one that is valued in the community. Sadly, in our society it’s more common for an older woman to be ignored, as if their usefulness is over, their time done.

So here I am in my ‘winter’ where I have come through menopause and out the other side as the crone, the wise one.

The menopause can go on for years and for some it can be a really unpleasant time. Anxiety, sleeplessness, hot flushes, brain fog, skin elasticity begins to go, not to mention the change in body shape as hormones rearrange themselves. This can affect you as a woman, a partner, a lover and your place in society.

However, these ‘symptoms’ can give us a sign that things need to change. I made some radical changes to my lifestyle and mindset, which have served me well over the years of this transition.

I want to share my knowledge and experiences to help other women. I’ve teamed up with Nicola Fenton of Fenton’s Herbology, to offer a Mini Menopause Retreat on Sunday February 19th, from 1pm- 5pm at The Mill, Duddington.

In this retreat we will be exploring how yoga-based movement, self care, quiet time and rest can be your saviour. You’ll discover herbal remedies such as lavender, lemon balm and marigold, amongst others that can be used to treat the symptoms that may accompany your menopause, as well as herbs and flower essences that can offer more emotional support, strength and empowerment to help you journey through this transition enabling you to evolve in to a woman who won’t be ignored and whose time is far from over!

Book now as space are limited! Visit

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